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TMJ Disorder & Sleep Apnea

Jaw Pain Has a Name

TMJ Disorder, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, occurs when teeth grinding (bruxism), injury or habitual behaviors put significant stress on those joints on either side of your face where the lower jaw connects to the skull. TMJ Disorder causes chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, facial pain, ringing ears, popping jaws, and other painful symptoms.

Suffer no more! Our professionals are trained to recognize the signs of bruxism and its accompanying disorders. In most cases, the problem is treated with an occlusal splint, or custom-fitted mouth guard that protects your teeth from wear. We also suggest getting to the heart of the stressful matters that cause your teeth-grinding. Reducing caffeine intake or practicing yoga has been proven to reduce stress that leads to teeth-grinding.

Sleep Apnea: More than Just Snoring

Sleep apnea, which may just sound like snoring, is caused when someone’s windpipe is blocked while sleeping. The blockage can be from the uvula, tonsils, tongue, throat tissue, or even by the muscles in the throat. People with sleep apnea stop breathing for 10 to 30 seconds while sleeping, several times a night. This causes the sufferer to wake up; and we all know the ramifications of too little sleep: poor concentration and stress. There are two main types of sleep apnea:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea. It’s the most common. It occurs when the soft tissue in the back of the throat relaxes during sleep and blocks the airway, causing loud snoring.
  • Central sleep apnea. It’s a much less common type, involving the central nervous system. The brain fails to signal the muscles that control breathing. People with central sleep apnea rarely snore.

While sleep apnea itself isn’t fatal, it can lead to heart disease and strokes later on. Although your family doctor can diagnose the disorder, we offer mouthpieces for sleep apnea treatment, which help you to breathe easier. Slumber without the annoyance of sleep apnea is a gift that keeps on giving. You get a more restful sleep, awakening more refreshed and so does your spouse!

Our Happy Patients

"Dr. Patel and his staff were all awesome! I was living in the Lisle area for the summer from Utah and needed a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Dr Patel was always friendly and compassionate. He did a great job. I only wish he was here in Utah! Highly recommend!!"

Jade D Jade D.

"I've really enjoyed going to Dr. Patel's office since moving to the suburbs. I would recommend him to anyone. His staff is courteous and makes scheduling easy. He is complimentary, gentle, and really shows a lot of care for your dental health and smile satisfaction. After searching for a local dentist for a while, I'm very happy with my choice to go to Advanced Lisle Dental."

Korey A Korey A.

"Dr. Patel and his entire team is fabulous!!! They are knowledgeable, personable, and the medical expertise by Dr. Patel literally puts a smile on your face :) I have had a lot of dental work done and still need a lot more done and I would highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff to family, friends, and anybody I know!"

Nadine O Nadine O.
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